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 - Goodbye Lisbon


Goodbye Lisbon was created by Jorge Alves, a Portuguese musician who has been making and producing electronic music for almost two decades.He started as a DJ in high school in the 90’s and ended up working as a professional DJ in reputed discos in Madeira, such as Bacará, Vespas and F1.His love and burning passion for electronic music started then! The music styles of House, Techno, Trance and Break Beat were always on his turntables every night.He moved to Lisbon, in order to attend University, but his heart was beating music, so he started his own project called “Download” and soon was considered one of the best newcomers on electronic music in the year 2000 by ProMusica Magazine. This brought him the chance of having a track of the project “Download” launched in a compilation CD of musics from the best portuguese upcoming DJs.Through the years, Jorge Alves has collaborated with other musicians successfully, including with a portuguese band who launched a CD in Portugal, playing the role of the main keyboard player and producer.In 2003, another adventure started when he moved to Belgium and got closer to the international electronic music scene. He launched Goodbye Lisbon as a tribute to his adventures in Lisbon’s nightlife.Currently, Jorge Alves is still working in his area of studies, but in parallel still produces electronic music as it is his major passion.His debut, "Moments", was released in 2013 by Tomasian Entertainment through it's T Dance Digital music label imprint.