- Matthew1626


My name is Matthew1626 and I am based out of CANADA.'I believe we are all Family! Black, Brown, White, Green, Blue, Red & all colours!' I am passionate about electronic music & the impact it has on people & have been inspired & influenced by Sasha, Digweed, Tom Cloud, Hipp-E, Halo, Erick Hassan, Craig Mullin, Jesse Hills, AMtrak, Michael, Evonne, Jeff Brown, Chris Berry, Jeff Wong, Joel Armstrong, SKLA, Bernie, Yewplay, Maurizio Vitiello, Todd Wautier (DJiT), Trios, Jimmy Haslam, Smoothie & Rick Sotero to name a few. I am focused on ELEvating, EMPowering & INSpiring people through the music I play & using music to ELEvate! My equipment consists of Allen & Heath Zone 62 mixer, 2 CDJ’s, 2 Tech. 1200’s, Traktor, NI Maschine. Recent gigs; WMC 2012 we hosted at the Catalina hotel 6 shows, Cabo San Lucas 2012 & 2013 with Yewplay Experience & stay busy in Canada weekly playing for crowds to lift them higher on life. My Entertainment Co. 'UNITY presents' (UP) many times hosts the events or co-hosts with collectives such as Yewplay, Move Together, Kontakt Records UUM, ELEVAT E Entertainment & more... Special mention to my Engineer and Co-producer Jamie Kuse.