- Inaki G


Iñaki Guillanolegui, born in 1997, from the city of Villa Gesell, Argentina, artist, producer and DJ.At the age of 6 he began to study drums, which is his principal instrument. He participates in two bands, and through Daft Punk he ends up discovering the electronic music. This is how he began his journey as a producer, with his first steps in FL studio and then in Ableton Live.He started as a DJ when he was 15 years old doing the WarmUp in one of the bars of Pueblo Limite during the winter season. Determined to continue studying and perfecting, he moves to the city of Buenos Aires to study the Electronic Arts career at UNTREF, besides attending the DJ Course with CDJ at the EMBA and then the Musical Production Career at ARJAUS.His tracks are from a deep character based on Tech-house / Micro House bases, demonstrating his preference for artists like Chris Stussy, Hector Couto, Gorje Hewek, LondonGround, among others.Iñaki appeared on booths such as Pueblo Limite, Unicorn Houset, Jagger and Espacio Ro. Also in bars such as Sutton 212 and the beach bar Pleno Sol.