- Damon Trueitt


Once again burning up the DJ turntables around the world. Damon Trueitt is back on the scene with his newest release Dirty Love (a collaboration with the Incredible Ron Salman) Everyone’s asking where has he been? The answer: Climbing. Damon continues his artistic ascension as a messenger with expressions of life breezing through the mind - full throttle; as a songbird transforming his words into rhythmic flight with a voice full of vibrant, sultry promise; and as a fellow traveller leaving his imprint on the collective human spirit as he soars to higher love.Bursting onto the music scene in 1995, his debut song, I Refuse (What you want), became a dance club anthem around the world. The international classic made him a favorite from Japan to Germany to Bombay and what’s past is prologue. In his current IP, Dirty Love, Damon’s vocals synthesize the beat and the words igniting the listener to hit the replay button again and again. From melodically cruising inside Little Black Cadillac to experiencing the tantalizing tease of Dirty Love to relaxing within the ambient aura of Rise, he takes you where you want to go.Alive and well in the U.S., Damon yearns to travel abroad to meet his many friends around the world to say thank you for journeying with him and waiting for him as he evolves in truth and light.Take a ride. Black Cadillac, Magic Carpet or on your ipod, - journey up beyond happy to soul satisfied.