- Mark Ursa


Mark Ursa, otherwise known as Marc Vandersmissen, was born in Belgium. Mark soon caught the house virus and in the early 2000’s he started to release tracks under the names "Pornstar Deluxe", "Mark Ursa" and "Art D'echo", and move to Ibiza where he started his career of DJ. His first recorded success was the single "Welcome to Ibiza", exclusively distributed on the Balearic Island which was played by all during that summer. It was also the first time a Belgium DJ gets a resident party in Ibiza. Since 2006, Mark Ursa shares his time between Brazil and Ibiza. He plays in all the superclubs and festivals around the world including a residency at Mark's Attack parties at Privilege and Space Ibiza, and on the "Bloco Yes" at the Brazilian carnival where he plays in front of 3 million people. In 2013, after 6 years without producing music, Mark came back on studio...