- TmgK


T mgK – DJ and Producer for life! In many years of his successful career as a DJ TmgK played many gigs all over Germany. Some of the highlights of the weekend touring were Events like “Lovebase” in Berlin where he played for more than 10.000 people, or his performance on the last "Love Parade" in Berlin. But for sure - every Show is special on its own! But just playing was not enough for TmgK. He decided to focus on producing music, in order to let all the people dance to his own stuff. For years, TmgK produced dance-chart successes for other artist and took himself a back seat in the background. Now is the time for TmgK to enter the spotlight: He remixed Danish Superstar “Ida Corr”, German Dance Act “2-4 Grooves” and also many other Artist like David Puentez or Filip Riva. His latest instrumental single “Only” already entered the clubs and in 2012 a re- release with massive vocals by U.S.singer Jason Ceasar was even more successful! The following masterpiece "Life" with Tobias Schulz was released on “Ministry of Sound” (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Wormland Music (International). Also he released Tracks on labels like 120dB Records, Pulsive Media or TOKA Beats. TmgK stands for his own powerful international Sound and spreads his pure energy on every dance floor. Whoever already sawTmgK live as a DJ, just wants to see him again! Open your eyes and ears because TmgK is coming...