- Xantra


Xantra is a young French Dj & producer who was immersed in music from his childhood.He opens his musical mind practicing piano during five years.At the age of fifteen he got his first interest for electronic music and started producing his own tracks and remixes.In 2010, he mades a name in the world of electronic music winning the remix contest of Muttonheads and label Work Machine.His title Amnesia came in the renowned Top 100 Beatport, and his titles were supported by Afrojack, Chuckie, Joachim Garraud, Hard Rock Sofa , Alesso.His productions and his own style, promise him a bright international future.Xantra confirms his status of young French talent, in 2012 he was named as the official Joachim Garraud's and Muttonheads' remixer and release remixeson labels like Universal Music.Then, Joachim Garraud proposed to David Hopperman & Xantra remixing his last bomb, Maximus on his new Label Space Invader. This remix was supported by EDM Big names like DJs From Mars, Yves V, JunxterJack, Henry Fong, Aylen and many more ...Xantra recently signed on Marcel Woods's label, Musical Madness, long-awaited Equin0Ox. This title perfect for the festivals, became in only 2 weeks, number 1 on his own top Beatport.Furthermore, Xantra remixed the last single of Muttonheads, Snow White signed on Serial Records / Universal Music. This big-room remix already has conquered numerous DJs like Djs From Mars , Delayers, Victor Niglio & many more.Xantra continues to confirm the hopes placed in him with his last single Spiral in collaboration with David Hopperman and the American singers Databoy. This title is realized by the dutch label Big and Dirty Records/ Be Yourself Music who signed artists such as Jochen Miller, Sick Individuals, Delayers etc..A name to follow in 2013...


Ibiza vs. Miami
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Vinyl Loop Records | 2015-07-24