- Frankox


Frankox, the very young talented dj/producer from Venezuela. With a strong musical passion since childhood,from the influence of his bother and producer ''Hect or E'', is at 14 years old when he decided t o creat e his own beats by itself. Learning with an acute ear, being so young, he is now able to create quality sound and good vibes. With only 17, Frankox debuts with an album EP on the south american label 'Penta Records', with the ability to produce from Progressive House to the Tech House, he delivers a fresh and quality tracks with every single release. Frankox is now getting the attention of european producers and label bosses also thanks to his extraordinary 'remixing' ability to make a whole new direction when he remixes. You better make sure to keep an eye on this kid and get ready for his upcoming dancefloor killer tunes!