- Matt Auston


Matt Auston leading mixing skills and distinctive productions not only show an indispensable complement to the Dutch dance industry, the international dance-scene has also been giving him a warm welcome. Driven by ambition, enthusiasm and pure passion for music, his characteristic set makes the crowd go wild and his productions reflect his true visionary in his craft works. Matt will continues to surprise the crowd with his mind-blowing style and his story is yet to start. Born and raised in Dordrecht, Matt devoted himself completely to music and had played many records from a young age. He started out by deejaying at friend-related events, but would soon be known for hyping up many clubs and events as deejay “Matt Auston”. He successfully proved his skills to be true and his innovative and energetic mixing skills will make him one of the most popular upcoming artists of the moment, Crossing various genres. Matt will put his stamp upon the music industry and he is working hard to grow into a high mark in the international dancescene performing with Hardwell,Quintino,Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano,ROOG,Lucien Foort,Shermanology,Sander van Doorn,Showtec and many more. Matt remains driven by his future plans. His experiences and memories are indelible and stimulate his drive to climb the ladder on an international base. Matt is devoted to conquer the world with his characteristic style! Ambitious, fanatical and with lots of potential: Matt is ready to rock worldwide so keep a close eye on him and check his latest news.