- Execute


Execute are Andrea Torretta, Alex Cuccolini and Stefano LizLisai, three young DJ producersfrom the north of Italy. T heir debut single "Have Some Fun"has an international sound, perfect for the clubs of the globeand it's released by Violence Rec, Cristian Marchi's & PaoloSandrini's label. Have Some Fun was born after a longstudio work. T he vocal part is by Pri-Yah, singer fromVerona raised in New Z ealand.After Have Some Fun, the three young djs played in someitalian famous clubs like: Coco Beach (Lonato del Garda),Altromondo Studios (Rimini), Pineta by Visionnaire (MilanoMarittima) and Celebrità (Trecate, Novara).T hen after many hours spent in the studio, Execute decidedto create a new powerful version of Love Comes Rising, awell-knowed track by Cristian Marchi & Gianluca Motta.T he remix has been played for the first time on HouseVictim, Cristian Marchi's radioshow. Furthermore one of theirmashups has been broadcasted on the Tiesto's Club Life.T he collaborations between Execute & Cristian Marchi arenot over. Cristian and the guys worked many hours in studioand create the real follow-up of Have Some Fun.T his time the vocal part is by Christine P LG, a singer fromNew York. T hey wrote and composed together "In Love WithA Stranger" forthcoming next months. T he package iscomposted by an amazing version by Albert Neve, knewtoday for the amazing remix of Play Hard by David Guettafeat. Ne-Yo & Akon.T he three guys still work in the studio, looking for newsounds and melodies.