- Cooperated Souls


Cooperated souls is here to spice up your life! Get your dancing shoes on and let the groove hit you.How do we categorize this dude? Yeah, we don’t. It’s kind of impossible, as his sound is crushing the ‘genre borders’. Here is our best shot: groovy, juicy house.You could call him the ‘new kid on the block’, which he is, but which doesn’t sound very impressive. And impressive he is, releasing on Sony Music, Flamingo Recordings and Columbia amongst others. Quite the names for a new kid.Biggest releases so far? We go with his huge collab ‘Work Your Body’ with Funkerman and his official remix of ‘ZHU - In The Morning’.To top things off, here are some nice facts about Cooperated Souls.1. His name is Sander van Donkelaar.2. He’s 20 years old.3. His collab ‘Good When We’re Together’ with Kav Verhouzer already gained 9 million + plays on Spotify!4. He’s Dutch and lives in Eindhoven.