- Solstay


It has been a musical journey for Chris McGregor. The Gold Coast based producer from Australia has travelled and experience a lot with his music to now bring us Solstay. The combination of uplifting melodies, vocal hooks and driving base lines, brings us a unique style to house music. This deep, progressive and uplifting music is the type that hits you in the chest and leaves you wanting more.With the launch of Solstay in early 2014, he has already seen much success. Solstay has been busy collaborating with many artists such as, VMS, Chris Costello and LaraMay. With current songs singed to 405 Recordings and Flamingo Recordings. Chris’s interest in electronic music started during his high school years and within no time he had first music production software. He like many producer taught himself how to produce, until he made a life changing decision to move to New York City to study electronic music at the world-renowned music school “Dub Spot”. This experience left him opened minded and motivated to create something that truly represents his passion for music.