- Outmakers


* Matthias Wolff aka Sunbeatz21 years old, live in FranceStart to producing in 2007, at the begining he choose to produce some different style of music, and finally find his way to producing progressive, house and electro.Matthias know a lot of things about how make music!* Yann Kogut aka Yoann Dumon23 years old, born in France, live in United StatesIn 2006, Yann start in the deejaying and organize some private party.During 3 years he'll play in many differents night clubs in France and Germany.In 2011, he start to produce his own music, essentially progressive, and electro.In 2013 he decide to move in USA, and keep to make music!Matthias and Yann met in 2013 and create the project "Outmakers".They're now there to producing music together and hope to make people happy about it.