- Colorless


Colorless discovered his love and passion for electronic music back as a young teenager, a tape cassette with the Daft Punk tune 'Da Funk' sticking firmly in his mind.It was this that triggered his search for more music with similar beats, discovering the B-Side and their underground remixes along the way.Those remixes drove his musical hunger, at the age of 18, Colorless embraced the night life scene, at first promot ing event s and t hen conquering t he Dj boot h, whilst being exposed to local artists such as Roi Tochner, Asi Kojak, Sahar Z with many more helping to mould his new musical style. Whilst watching themwit h admirat ion, he decided he needed t o be up t here with those DJ's savouring the moment and helping create the atmosphere that makes a crowd sweat and dance all night long. "There is a kind of divine power when you take a large group of people off on a musical journey through the air" Colorless proudly announce.Upon hearing Rui Da Silva & Cass Fox - Touch Me, Colorless decided it was now time to to create his own music. Originally the man Colorless was one half of of Sharp & Smoot h. For 3 years t he band workedt oget her, playing every big club in t he count ry wit h each of their releases creating a frenetic buzz Israel and abroad.While many Djs were playing commercial tracks and Hip Hop music ruled, Sharp & Smooth succeeded with their musical vision. Winning support from many Djs, such as Axwell, DJ Chus, Roger Sanchez, Paul Van Dyk, Danny Tenaglia and many others. The guys had an unprecedent ed 7 x 'T rack of t he week' on Roger Sanchez's weekly radio show, with the releases featuring on some of the world's biggest record labels (Nervous, Stereo Productions, Sony, Twisted America, Black Hole). Sharp & Smoot h t hen had t he great honour to remix for the likes of Boy George, Rui Da Silva, Danny Tenaglia, Dj Chus, Phunk Investigation, Murk and a list of others.Colorless and the talented producer/DJ Roi Tochner, became good friends and started working on projects together, releasing tracks on Spinnin, Vendetta & Stereo Productions.Rob Roar owner of one of the worlds favourite labels Phonetic Recordings, quickly signed Colorless after road testing his material in Ibiza, Rob hails himself as a massive fan, signing Colorless to the label he now calls home. The first release was Tiny Piano which took the world's music industry by storm, hitting No.3 in DMC’s ADE hot tips for the year and is Paul Oakenfold's biggest record...with a hot collaboration from the duo soon.Tiny Piano featured on Benny Benassi's compilation, released on Ultra Records USA and hit the prestigious No.6 DMC Miami Buzz Chart. The Colorless EP (Climax and Yzarc) also featured fin the DMC Buzz Charts and hit No.1 King of Spins Global radio Chart. His recent cover of Trippin - Goldtrix was released by Pukka Up and hit No.4 in the Traxsource top 100.After hearing the excellent new D33P project material (a pseudonym from Colorless), characterized by fatter, slower and sexier beats. Colorless were offered the opportunity to release his new style on Phonetic's PHD label. Today Colorless runs the everyday workings of PhD, releasing his and other artists music on the label.So here we are, Colorless & D33P, two names that are already sending tremors through the worlds House Music industry production wise, whilst playing the biggest clubs and parties in Israel including FFF Shirazi, Haoman 17, Lenon, The Cat & The Dog, Club Shlag Zane (ex. Penguin) and many many more.WATCH THIS SPACE...


These Sounds Fall Into My Mind - Best of House Music
Yo-c, David K (GER), Sorcha Richardson, American Groove Junkies, Phil Fuldner, Desmond, Pierre Piccarde, lukjlite, Porter Robinson, Eddy Chrome, Groove Kings, Nita, Microwave Monkeys, Pearls Of Ibiza, Cheap Sunglasses, Selecta, Gordon & Doyle, Kirill Slider, Sounds of Summer, Yan Garen, Mykel Mars, Intelligent Headz, Dana Blade, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Kristof Tigran, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Rude Vinyl, Bermuda Twins, Privat Projekt, Maysha, Julian Poker, Marc Van Linden, Amanda Wilson, Ibiza Groove Squad, Diaz, Luna Moor, Junior Crew, Schoko, Tanya Michelle, Cosmic Funk, Rob Hayes, Angelina, Davie Terry, Myra Miles, Avril Stevens, About Vegas, Fabriqu3 en France, Stephano Prunebelli, Vassilis Skolikis, Chris Rockford, Ford Electro, Modium, Dr. Kucho!, Noel Phoenix, Housenumberone, Daiden, Theo Beck, The Glitterboys Are Nastytunez, Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich, Hans Justin, Deep Azur, Souljackerz, Einstone, No Panties Allowed, Audiolove, Niko De Luka, Lords Of House, Double Deep, Long Island Ice Tea, Collective Sound Members, Lab Of Music, Jack Jamming, Samantha Mayer, Mick Thammer, Filtercut, Syntheticsax, Salvation Project, Sky Edwards, Mario Ochoa, Barbara Tucker, Don Oliver, 4th Floor, Afrochuck, Sunrider, Joss Dominguez, Galactik Knights, Rokyoursoul, Oscar Salguero, Dr. Drummer, Jil Luce, DJ Turtle, Thibo Rosh, Ange, Fine Touch, Funky Truckerz, Matt Devereaux, Taste Of Honey, California Ave, Julian Woods, Da Silva Gunn, Miss Caramelle, Yaneena, Balearic Kings, Robin Schulz, David K, Lexer, Peter Kharma, Double Deep, Rob Hayes, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Anthony Ross, David Puentez, Absolut Groovers, Alex Del La South, Latin Breeze, Hanna Hansen, Plastik Bass, Funky Truckerz, Colorless, Christian Hornbostel, Juan Sunshine, Desmonduke, BK Duke, Robin Bright, Nev Scott
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Super Ultra Workout Music - 200 Songs
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Super Ultra Fitness Music - 200 Songs
Antaris, Summer Beats, DJ Sunny Boy, Melbourne Bounce Project, Dr. Kucho!, Karim Haas, Balearic Kings, Helen Gold, Kid Vibes, Mak Others, Eddy Chrome, Ibiza Groove Squad, Kiss Audio, Samantha Mayer, Diaz, Luna Moor, Moombah Jack, The Betatesters, DJ Absinth, Miami Dance, The Partybangers, The Partystoppers, One Two Eight, Melbourne Kidz, Rob Hayes, Angelina, Prince Ringo, Bermuda Twins, Veggie Beats, Made in 1978, Party On Demand, David Caruso, Milkbar Rockers, Deep Azur, Rave Agenda, Long Island Ice Tea, Robby Schulz, California Sun, Cola Girl, Clarity Of Sound, Miami Mafia, Discomaus, Miss Caramelle, Million Colours, Cash & Love, Mydca, Yaneena, Dr. Nexus, The Loop of Life, New in Paris, United States of Dance, Tony Wong, Audiolove, Mario Castello, Toxotis, Earsome, Ridgeback, Jack the Cat, Afrochuck, Massenkuss, Filtercut, Prash, General Wooky, Danceheat, Dana Blade, Cats Love Dogs, Captain Basscut, Brooklyn House Bangers, Absolute Dancefloor, Nova Discoteque, Fit For Sound, Epic Beat, Bonsugi, Ripley & Jenson, Jeremy Prisme, French Kick, Beatbusterz, Leon Louis, Nastin, The STW Project, Fallon, Mixer, Lao'n, DJ Ken K., Wikko, Full Moon Funk, Disc Runners, Melogize, Max Heide, Antoine Andary, Dario Synth, Gravity Kicks, Novaccor, Sfrisoo, DJ N'Farmer, Hannes Vee, Tkoe, Fec-T, Dj Bonzaii, Alex Martinez, Mauro Cabron, Double Deep, Dramatello, Ronnie B, Michael Ruland, American Groove Junkies, Nightline Project, Jo Fridan, Ollie S., Rob L., Chimp & Panse, We Are Tall Order, Joe Funktastic, Manuel De Diego, Accardi, Drop N Drum, Dennis Cascade, Wonderlights, Dodobeatz, Thimlife, Same Day Records, Astoni, Dual Playaz, Richard Kah, Sam Walkertone, Kevin Kelly, DJ Crazy-I-Li, Cedric Starx, Toni Cataldi, Tuszu, Bobush, Slice Of Moon, Rudy Caminiti, Claudio Tempesta, Calabria, Superstash, Stereoliner, Big Zero, The White Nights, Hynight, Danza, Daynik, Giannis, At the Office, Primo Lopez, Mark Hendrix, Tommy Done, Aeronex, Gokhan Ekinci, Alp3r, Ben Arrows, Donkstereo, Preetesh, Kyia, Style Mistake, Danny Claire, Sync Diversity, Rene Ablaze, Dawn, Squarz Kamel, Lugh Dessire, Frank Dattilo, Steven Force, Leolife, Dima Krasnik, Skyvol, Shuhrat Iskanderov, TrancEye, STA, Kerris, Sally Jane Corlett, Stream Noize, Peter Brown, Marie Chain, David K (GER), Schoko, Sok, Selecta, Gordon & Doyle, Crew 7, Bjorn V, Gama, DJ Zhukovsky, Jenna Summer, Corg, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, Tonny S, Kimberley Wardle, Modium, Ange, Fine Touch, Mykel Mars, Nathaniel DJ, John Arrec, DJane Thunderpussy, The Fakies, Karmatone, Superfunk, The Dancing Machine, Jameisha Trice, Ibiza Club Toys, Eva Kade, Alexander Zhakulin, Body Sound, Aron Scott, Whatermelon, Tom Dole, Ray & Kay, Stephan Evans, Ethan Wood, Lady Pink Bitch, Fabrizio E Marco, Dr. Alban, Leonardus, M Lovers, Benny Knox, DJ Jace, The Disko Starz, Jay Harvey, Daniel Kingley, Sunrider, Cedric Vian, Joss H, The Filterbrats, Lords Of House, Matt Devereaux, Electrophonique, David Martini, Yan Wailsh, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Julian Poker, TRENDMONSTER, Discojack, Jthan, Serdar Ayyildiz, Serkan Yazici, Nick Martira, Vortex [GER], MC Renegade, F&E, Andy Ztoned, DJ Absinth, Milkbar Rockers, Mykel Mars, David Coroner, Latin Breeze, Balearic, Melbourne Bounce Project, Michael Fiction, Eager Intent, Enrico Bariello, 2-4 Grooves, Redend, Mari, Endis, Wellenrausch, Art Inc., Rene Ablaze, Make One, The Pulsarix, Absolut Groovers, Alex Del La South, Sunset Crew, DJ Dnk, Loose Faces, Stereo Palma, Halojumpers, Karmin Shiff, Ruben Rivas, Bigtune, Sebastien Szade, Crom & Steel, Skingz, Frank Eikam, Colorless, Tom Kaloi, Diana King
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