- Balage Roeth


He is a case of a Hungarian beyond the borders, with his exact name Roth Balázs (1985) aka Balien, who has functioned from 2007 officially as a DJ in Slovakia. Of course, with the world of disk packing and electronic music he started to deal with as 12 years old.His style was marked by such classics as at this time world wide renowned Carl Cox,Sven Vath and at the same time the dynamical, rhythmical techno parties’ world. This rhythmic is still perceptible in his work. As 16 years old bought his first vinyl from artists like Adam Beyer, Hardcell&Grindvik, Jasper Dahlback, Fumiya Tanaka, Christian Smith, Umek...(Drumcode,Recycled Loops). At the beginning he started on a Tesla turntable his career, this was followed after by 2 pieces of Gemini TT02- MK2 And as it is usually forward written, the invitation for birthday parties and private events were coming after each other.In 2007 he got to know Stephan Nemeth, who became his friend and his manager in one person. Their common creature were the Magna Project party series and group of DJs, which has made a big success in Southern Slovakia, that was the reason why did many personalities from the profession recognized the DJs of the group as Balien as well. As time passed by he developed himself in 3 genres:: deep house, tech-house and „the friend forever” techno. His play is characterized by quality, precise, bouncing tracks, with a bit of experimental Mediterranean atmosphere but mainly acoustic instruments are the main parts of his music. The practice through years and ambitions were resulted in the first success in 2007 when he started to receive invitation to smaller then bigger parties (100-500 person), he organized the Magma Project series with lot of success, he received also invitation to many clubs, between them was the Colosso Grande in Sopron, where he was 5 times invited! In 2008 the well known DJ even in Hungary Michal Breeth (SK) recognized the young talent and invited him into the Radio FM’s special program called 4 ELEMENTS SHOW, where he made with him a short interview and a half an hour mix. In Hungary we could listen to him as first on 15th of November 2008 in Gyor, where the Magma Project Rebirth was