- DMS12


Born in New York City, DMS12 was buying his first records at the age of 6. By 13 DMS12 was already putting his love of music to work interning at Miami?s HOT 105. In 1990, he broke into the club scene as a Promot er and DJ in Miami. About 1995, DMS12 bought his first pieces of gear. With production skills that matched his prowess behind the turntables putting his love of music to work and producing a cross- culture fusion of different styles of music. In 2001 DMS12 Signed a multi Year Deal Emilio Estefan as a Manager and became a writer for FIPP that is a subsidiary of Universal Publishing Inc... As of 2004 DMS12 has put his efforts into his production and remix projects including: Beyonce – Naughty Girl (DMS12 Remix) 1 on Billboard Dance and 1 Dance Radio chart. Gwen Stefani – Holla Back Girl (DMS12 mix) 3 on Billboard Dance Chart. Also has done Remixes for India Arie, Lauren Hill, Carlos Ponce, Robbie Rivera, Willie Morales, Winx, Newcleus, Superchumbo, Aniosis, Sammy & Rooster, Mark Knight, Michael M, Mr. Gee, etc. DMS12 features various sounds capes from academic to Full, Lush & Rich sonic productions. In Aug of 2007 Paul van Dyke has chart ed DMS12 1 on his t op 10 for DMS12 vrs Aniosis - Heavy Water DMS12 has gotten great exposure from Mixed Compilations like: Amnesia Ibiza 2006 Essential Mixed by Robbie Rivera, Willie Morales Juicy Beach WMC 2007 (Juicy Music), Juicy Ibiza Mixed by Robbie Rivera, Oscar G: Live From Space (Nervous Records, Cr2 ) Amnesia Festival: Live In Moscow Mixed by Robbie Rivera, etc.Proven and Tested on many worldwide dance floors with universal acceptance from the clubs and Positive response from airplay at various radio stations. His sounds hypnotize you, literally demanding you to dance. From Underground to Mainstream he performs with positive results.DMS12 travels extensively year round from Europe to Asia, Japan, Canada, North Central & South America gathering his universal musical mix.DMS12 tracks have been given support by such artists like: Paul van Dyk • Paul Oakenfold • Pete Tong • Robbie RiveraOscar G • David Guetta • Laurent Garnier • Mark Knight • Benny Benassi • Roger Sanchez • Kaskade • Paolo Mojo • David Dunne T om St ephan • John Acquaviva • Mat t Darey • Edgar VErick Morillo • Steve Angelo • Bad Boy Bill • Andy Moor Sander van Dorn • Stryke • Paul Hughes • Dj Riddler DJ Dan • Austin Leeds • Tony Arzadon • Richard DinsdaleSt eve Lawler • Charles Fieldgood • Sharp and Smoot h DJ DLG • Fuzzy Hair • John Dahlback • Paul Harris Richard Vission • Judge Jules • Cedric Gervais & many more...


Lounge Soft House
The Sura Quintet, Adriana Macedo, Wesley Colon, Premasara Council, Helaine Stowe, Schwarz & Funk, So Phistry, Mono Tuned, Buddha Lounge DJs, Solanos, Christian Hornbostel, Blue Wave, Best Of Chillout Lounge, RFTT, Martin Bro, Roy Bennett, Club Camarillo, Chillo, Claudia Hunt, Sanderson Dear, Josefina Keller, Katopra, Monroe Days, Josif Imen Puerta, Pheno-men, Aaron Steve, Retrosynco, Rikki Rothermel, Mandala Fields, Milli Milhouse, Clementine Calaway, Counting Clouds, Benigna Maier, Delbert Schneider, Tedjep Soulful House, Diario, Angelina Astle, Rosemary Olson, Baghira, Novo Ritmo Sensibile, Roxano de Santiago, Armando Gomez, Emma Luna, Arthur Explicit, Jess & Jess, Soulful-cafe, Bobbi Briere, Prussya, Light in Color, Esteban Garcia, Subworks, Ladamar, Dr. Drummer, Autor X, Vinito, Relaxraum, Kadananka, Luigi, Riccardo, Adriseller, The Union, Bikini Beats, Steven Robinson, TNT Recordings, Ras Gombo, TD, E-Beiz, Manson, Curtin, Fobee, Musique D' Ameublement, Collective Sound Members, Double H, Leila Lambrecht, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Off Land, United DJ's, Cafe Sunset, M.e.e.d., Luis Moralez, Rick Project, 4444 Project, Ldm, Electrohertz, Onerus, Cane Garden Quartet, Kalokagathia Union, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, DMS12, Cris Harley, Joleen Hollis, Sync Diversity, Tad Hutchens, Privat Projekt, Beta Function, Tonliebe, Tory Arndt, Bed Shop Toys, Groove Genelation, Ray Burnz, Oscar Rogers, Steve Sibra, Discey, Vivian Holmes, Kai Elston, Lana Lupercio, Ruben Hall, Shanell Souza, Vera Peters, Ivory Simons, Kiana Kazee, Mike Warren, Double Go, Yan Gillis, Funkytiz, Daki 2000, Will Fishman, DJ Plinio, Louisa Lessley, Dj El Toro, Delfina Deines, Vernetta Ochoa, Noak Purushottama, Shantay Huntington, Karon Koury, Marth Manthe, Took, Michael Ramirez, Parker Thornhill, Joette Ault, DJ Axel F., Svensen, DJ Kayowa, V I F, Lola Palmer, DJ Brahms, Jasmine Lulu, Ron Ractive, Odyssey, Lopardo, STJ, Aaron The Baron, Denisa Stanislav, Mandalabar, Arrojas, D.c. Beat Productions, Association Of Freedom, Ampetermin, Glady Gowans, Marek Bilinski, Disque, Jens Guetschow, Lena B., In State Of Flux, Mindfreedom, MikeE, Toussaint Lyondholi, Stoneman, Johnnyx Guitar, E Duque, Psyfyx, Luigi Restuccia, Micky Smart, Branimir Dimov, Aaron The Baron, Ohrwert, J2p, Insomnia, Dennis Rapp, Jgekko, Simon Schmalfeld, Roman Novikov
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