- Mark Mansion


Mark Mansion is a rising star in the Deep House scene. His burning passion for House music combined with a twist of soul and originality, makes him a fascinating artist in the business. His style can best be described as a combination between the Old & the New School, where the biggest influences comes from: "Chicago House, NYC, Detroit, UK Bass/ Garage, 70-80´s Funk & Disco". His musicality was recognized in his early years, when his mom took him to violin classes. After a couple of years he was already playing violin concerts all over Stockholm. At the same time he also started to play the drums and keyboard in the school. He just wanted to entertain people with the music that was inside of him. Mansion came across House music in his late teenage years and was totally hooked on the new sound that he heard. He decided to go all in and started to DJ. It did not take long before he started to perform in the biggest clubs of Stockholm and Europe. He enjoyed himself, and more important, the crowd loved him. In the year of 2011, Mansion released his first track "Different Views" on the legendary Jesse Saunders from Chicago (The Originator of House music) label "Broken Records/DontFixIt Music". After that he has been releasing tracks on a constant basis and continues to enlighten people with new deep beats. Lately Mansion started to work with his friend Linus K, and the collaboration has resulted in many great releases on labels such as: Love Not Money Records, Crossworld Records, Oh! Records, NuPanda Records, Frigo Vide Records, Gooseneck Records, to name a few. There is much more to come from this two talented artists, many more albums to be released and scenes to be filled. What hides in the future for these guys is going to be very interesting to follow, so keep your eyes open and your ears sharpened....


Deep Strips 3 Years
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Deep Strips | 2016-11-14