- ozzi


Hailing from Sheffield, UK and growing up in a musical family,Michael started his musical career as a drummer. Playing ina Jazz orchestra, indie band (Seven Hills) and a deathmetal band. His hunger for electronic music was sparkedthrough his older brother who was a resident & DJ atGatecrasher Nottingham. Needless to say his love forhouse music was infectious and Michael soon caught thebug. Michael took the technicality he achieved as a drummerto playing percussion around the country. T his say himperform alongside Ali Whitehead, Graeme Park, BrandonBlock & for Hedkandi.After completing a fine arts degree, Michael took toproduction and DJ'ing in Sheffield, reclaiming his childhoodnick name "Ozzie". He founded "All Over It Records" anunderground house label and "Underground Heroes",putting on nights around the North of England.Michael's distinctive DJ style hints towards a compulsiveapproach to crate digging- playing out and an inspirationalblend of rare, classic and modern tracks. His sound comesdeep yet bouncing. With strong bass lines, and looserhythms keeping the emphasis on the groove.