- lS DJ


lS_Dj - Disc jockey c 2010lS_Dj - composer and musician since 2004.Musician and composer of electronic dance music. Born in Russia November 27, 1987 , in a small town with an Italian name "Togliatti" . Catching up on writing electronic dance music , always searching for the right reunion quality progressive sound with a more relaxed , deep music.As a child, he was soloist with children , a brass band . Finished music school with honors class - trumpet . In this career , " trumpeter " , was also completed.From 2004 he began to write music ? but that was just for friends .In 2009 he graduated from the school DJ , but here DJ career in his hometown was not successful because it does not fit the format of the local clubs .From 2011 to 2013 , participated in the project «Deep House Session» (DHS), created in collaboration with their peers and friends.Within the project there have been many mind-blowing party in the style of Deep and Tech house music.At this stage, devoted himself entirely to writing electronic music in the style of Deep, tech, deeptech house. Participates in the project «T he remix lable», creator and godfather of which is Cristian Paduraru.April 16, 2014 were published remix of 9 fruits of the spirit (Cristian Paduraru) and Thirst for Righteousness (Cristian Paduraru), (Worldwide Exlusive records).Also several compositions have been published in the Russian label «Diamond records».