- Mausolle


The music consists of moments to capture on the fly ... one of these moments began in 2012 with LostRoket a song whose title is my life will change with the label cibicaldi records, over time I have developed several projects in collaboration with producers dj Sandro S & LostRocket,My first dream is made: a vinyl entitled OBLIQUE FREQUENCY with Sandro S & LostRocket ... other satisfactions are the labels for which I worked Cibicaldi records, Conya Records, Moog Modular, ect in the last release with a song titled NEW BEGINNING Pierre Ravan , Sandro S, Mausolle, Lostrocket, Jo Fer ...... Remix, I hope to grow even more and I thank in advance who will give me the chance to climb higher I will take to the skies any time I will give the music .. Mausolle