- Michael Berklin


Michalis Fotiou known as Michael Berklin was born in30/01/1989 in Cyprus. His passion for music started in theearly years when self taught Michalis got his firstsynthesizer at the age of 12 trying to discover the magic ofcreativity. Having as basis the classical music, he alwaysliked to explore music and other genders until he discoverelectronic music. From that point a curiosity was born to findout how electronic music was produced. By the past of timehe met Film Composer - Sound Designer/Chill Out ProducerMario Christophorou (Christopher Breeze) who has helpedhim a lot with his productions and encouraged him taking abigger step in the world of Music Production. Michalis alsoparticipated in many Dj/Remix Competitions with very goodreviews, gained attention from big names in EDM suchManuel Le Saux, Skytech, Lemon and Einar K, Max Graham,Robert Vadney, Suzy Solar, Dj Vibe, Steve'Butch'Jones,Steve Anderson, Bobby Deep, Reneek, Michael Angelo, TerryDa Libra, Glynn Alan , David Broaders, Solo, George Ellinas,Steve Brian and many more