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About David: David Sammarco'S aka David was born on 26 October 1987.Since a young man has been passionate about dance musicbegan to buy his first console at the age of 14.Since then it has been involved in numerous festivals and parties that make its way into the world deejaybegan to create their own music and style thanks to his talents and skills.He has hosted his own radio show website in late 2006, he began a career in 2004and it is currently.resident DJ at www.radioumr.comHe makes his first outing on beatoport in 2009 on a label is not getting a lot of visibility!His first EP was released in 02/10/2013 with the most important of the PPT NOISE RECORDSAnother Success appears with his friend Alex Colle Aka Lexahill Where the single Dark Side has a great success on CIbicaldi Records