- Ilario Liburni


From these beginnings with Monique Musique to the launchof his own imprint « Invade Records » in 2014. T he Carreerof Ilario Liburni reveals the wish to take part of the electronicworld music.It’s in 2011 that the Belgian with italian origins sign his firstEP on Monique Musique. T hanks to this perfect launch, IlarioLiburni (T hat’s his real name), persevere in this way and thedawn of the year 2012, Inmotion Music release the track «Crapkin ». T his release is the first check point in his carreerand receive the feedback of the leads in the house / techhouseindustry. « Crapkin » take part to the Defectedcompilation, selected & mixed by NOIR.T he meets between Noir & Ilario is a new step in hiscarreer. Noir propose to Ilario to take part into the Noir MusicFamily. Inspired by the sound of Ilario, NOIR decided tocreate the subdivision Klimaks Records and offer him tosign the first EP of Klimaks.2013 sound like a beautiful story, Carlo Lio for Rawthentic orRiva Starr for Snatch! gives the possibility to Ilario toexpress himself thanks to his eclectics productions, withone goal : Nothing but the dance- floor.Kina Music, Medicine, Memoria, Earlydub or more recentlyLeone Music & Moan, many quality labels request thetalents of Ilario, suggesting a year 2014 took off like as hot.