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 - Farfan


Farfan born in 1987 year in Rijeka, Croatia. Meeting with techno and house music, creating a love at first sight, and begins to intensely listen to and analyze the different sets of forming my own view on electronic music. Young and full of energy moves the parties analyze the different sets of great DJs and the matter of his emotions into music then began to deal extensively with music. Farfan their sound is defined as a subtle fusion of groove, tech-house and house music that moves its attention to himself. After a little time moving first gig in his hometown at clubs such as La Noche, Gruw and many other local bars as well as what can be mentioned various radio stations have led to interest in his mixes spin on the then Bodyjack FM Radio Trsat who were then the most rated shows.Great interest has led Farfan to the fact that the calls came from the major radio stations such as Proton Radio, Global Radio London Deepsound, DFM Digital FM and many others .. 2010 years Farfan moving production that issued the first releases under the name "Jazzospecos" for domestic Record Label "Etiketa" and the year the real work started by signing for a variety of label around the world as:Baile Musik, BM Slim, Redlight Music, Quanticman Records, BM Slim Jr, Mass Sound Records, Rec Crossword Academy and many others. 2011 years Farfan runs his own label under the name "Underground Lovers Records" that it stirs up their work for the great support of big DJs such as: Sis, Steffen Herb, Veitergruber, Utku Dalmaz, Leland McWilliams, Oliver Moldan, Terje Bakke and many other artists. 2011 years due to unsatisfied status in his hometown as the fiercely competitive commercial clubs is leaving his hometown and moved to Ulm,Germany moving intensively engage in music.