- Emiliano Pompili


Emiliano Pompili aka 'Pompili' is an italian dj producer. Hecome from the late project 'Burrini & Pompili'. He released onOcean Dark , Mallory Records , Microtech , WaldliebeFamilien, Quanticman Records, Nulogic Records. Hisreleases was played and supported by many world top djslike Jhon Digweed , Richie Hawtin , Marco Carola , Luciano,SIS , Paco Osuna ,Laurent Garnier, Dj Simi ,MarceloRosselot,Alejandro Vivanco, Nima Gorji, Loko , MihalisSafras , Joe T Vannelli , Jairo Catelo , Andre' Galluzzi,Simina Grigoriu Kalkbrenner ,Actually he is releasing on Disco Royal , Loko Motion ,Menomale Music / Records , Timanfaja andKonzept[:]Musique.