- Discobolux


Born in Madrid (Spain) from an early age interested in electronic music and reared together Agus and Jose AkA Discobolux beginning with 14 years to buy vinyl of the time music techno, house, Detroit and electro influenced by the underground , electronic and rap.Currently working with producer MG Group with artists like Luciano, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Anton Piette, Davide Squillace, Valentino Kanziany... even playing it in clubs and festivals in the center of Spain as UP Club, Reverse and Replay.Now they are at a stage of visiting clubs from Spain and abroad visited sessions as Fabrik (Madrid), Up (Madrid) Km (Benidorm), BQ (Madrid), Milonga (Malaga), Chango (Madrid), Nature (Madrid). Area (Madrid), Bagus (Madrid), Ages (Madrid), One (De Nombre Publico), Puerto Madrid (Coslada), One (Coslada), Spavila(T oledo), Aut ores (Madrid) ...They have shared cabin, Marco Carola, Henry Saiz, Paco Osuna, Davide Squillace, Nima Gorji, Matthias Tanzman, Valentino Kanziany, Okain, 2 Many Djs, Tiga, Josh Wink, Reboot, Jmpster, Kurd Maverick, Iván Pica, Álvaro Cabana, Abel and Raúl, Pelacha, Xpansul, Alex Under ...In the production stage are young but have 4 years between frenetic rhythms and forceful yet profound. His style can be called that is Deep-Tech. Find all your music on Soundcloud.Thank you!