OFF SIDES is the aka of the musician, producer and Dj Alberto Pola was born in Spain in 1974, in 1981 he attended his first classes of music, studying various instruments (sax, guitar and bass) in 1988 with 15 years only beginning to play in several musical groups until the age of 25 years.The curiosity for the electronic music that always felt a predilection from its beginnings towards the end of the 80, is encouraged to buy the necessary equipment to start making their own music, influenced by the new trends that emerge: electro, tech- house, Minimal, techno, deep house, house, disco ... begins his career for the clubs and events of his country, among them: Aquasella festival, La Real, Loft.co, NMOR, E- club, FM, Babys, Le Club, Penelope , Tocata, La Fabrika, La loka, Maluka club ...... also participating many private parties and performances in small clubs.As a producer, he has appeared on labels such as: My little cat, Cyanide, Aquasound, Deep just deep, Blueway music and Whirplay records with several musical references on these labels.Today he continues to apply his musical knowledge in his productions to create a personal style. We are facing a life dedicated to the study of music.