- I-rod


Ivan Rodríguez aka i-rod: in 1995, at age 12, Ivan starts experimenting with turntables in private parties, while searching for new rhythms he finds electronic music and takes it as his flag. In 2000, he is hired as resident DJ of several local clubs, this allows him to alternate with national and international DJs such as Martin Parra, Tini-tun, Shine, Ramiro Puente, Parlange, Ricki Ryan aka Can Costa, Angelist, Data, Trancemission, Desyn Masiello, amongst others. In 2003 he starts working in Corporación Multimundo collaborating with Toño Escarcega in the radio program “Estacion Lounge” (95.5 fm), later that year he starts producing and in 2004 he starts working with Pedro Frias (music lover, artist, sculptor, and manager of some of the best electronic clubs in the city), together they launch the project Summer Island. Continuing his facet as a producer, he finishes his project “i-rod … the sound of!” a CD featuring 11 tracks and signing 2 of them with Afterborn Records, (i-rod_-_connected (Original and IGAMWT remix) and i-rod_-_Puro y sintético (Original, Mike Montano and Gakki remix). He is now signed as the leading artist in Amorpho Records having sold 7 EP in the best online stores such as iTunes music store, amazon.com, djdownload.com, trackitdown.com, junodownload.com, armadadownloads.com, amongst others. He has appeared in a couple magazines such as Tecnodiva and UrBeat.com and his track “A piece of BSMD” has played in beat.fm (the main electronic music radio station in Mexico City). Mixing from the finest and purest house to the heaviest techno i-rod is able to transmit his music to the most demanding crowd…