- Magnovis


This Canadian music-maker has meteorically risen out of obscurity to produce the type of bold, infectious and unique work that will impact the electronic music industry for years to come. Rob Dawson, a.k.a. Magnovis, has already received a groundswell of support from reknown artists and taste makers such as Paco Asuna, Gai Barone, Rich Solarstone, Max Graham, and Mitch Alexander with his driving, evocative and mind-tingling productions. The burgeoning artist also brings his values to the soundboard in a way that makes for a richer experience for djs and dancers alike. He does not let boundaries cloud his creative vision as evidenced by his unwavering pursuit to combine his Progressive House, Deep Techno and Melodic House in�uences. Magnovis believes his experiences on the dance �oor have inspired him to create fresh, yet forward-thinking music that truly caters to the feet, the mind and the soul. 'Round & Profound'.