- Saite Zwei


It all began in 2003 when we - Rock bassist Jonas and Hip Hop DJ Phil Harmonie - first got to know each other in the yard of music school Schwerin Goethe Gymnasium. After the first jam sessions it became obvious that the musical chemistry was there, so we decided to start a project together. In our first gigs, we performed freestyle live remixes from Missy Elliott to The Prodigy with positive and motivating responses from the crowds. The more we enjoyed performing, the more we wanted to design our own tracks from the scratch. No sooner said than done. Slowly but surely we left remixes from Black Music behind and were inspired to create completely new music. Despite our growing passion in electronic dance music we never lost sight of live gig usability with real instruments. Currently, we are engaged in performing and releasing our first EP - SINGIN' IN THE BRAIN which was first shared on Soundcloud in December 2012