- DJ Soch


Marco Socci aka Dj Soch alias “The Italian Stallion” according to the magazine Thump/Vice is a resident Dj of one of the most important club in Italy, Serendipity now “SRNDPT Club”, where every saturday he shares the console with international artists such as Kink, Tama Sumo, nd_baumecker, Black Madonna, Craig Richards, Zip, Kyle Hall, Steffi, James Priestley, Nina Kraviz, Move d, Joey Anderson and many more. From the softest deep house to the rawest house, from detroit techno sound to disco’s His set is like more than 30 year long journey. Founder of Black Angus Records, his productions are played and appreciated from many underground and mainstream djs, from Move D to Ben Sims, from Joey Anderson to Steve lawler. The sound of his track knows no bounds.