- Tania Pascoal


Since 2002, Tânia have been blossom in the dance music scene, with her music style that goes from deep to tecnho. Her dj sets are pure improvise and creativity inspired from the environment that surrounds her, so they are completely unpredictable.In Portugal club scene she plays regularly in the best clubs like: Kremlin, Europa Club, Micro Club, Lottus After Hours. Tânia is also performance to the best electronic portuguese parties. having already done warm ups to: Ten Walls, wAFF, Carlo Lio and among others.Her international career have been very active and interesting, playing at clubs like:Q_Club (Zurich); Cult Club (Lausanne); Warhol (Ibiza); Moa Club (Geneva); Amnesia (Rabat); Pin Up (Casablanca); Zouma Club (Casablanca); Joia Longe Bar (Casablanca); Scandale Red Bar (Geneve); Crem Club (Geneve); Karma (Aruba), Caribbean Islands; Havana Beach Club (Aruba), Caribbean Islands; Hilton Club (Argélia); Colossos Club (Lloret del Mar); Ravellution (Lloret del Mar ); Que! Club ( Vigo); Chill Out (Luanda); Girlie Circuit Festival at D Boy; (Barcelona) Aquarius Club( Novalja Croatia)DiscographyTânia Pascoal accomplished already some very important steps: recording the B side of the CD "Dance TV" and her 1st album "ELECTRONIC SEDUCTION" (2008, Nine Media records).Producing:2018 - Hush Recordz Limited - Pedro Costa & Tânia Pascoal 2018 - New EP soon