As a Boy he was sitting in front of his parents Stereo recording the Charts on Sundays on the WEGA-HiFi Stereo with one Finger on Pause to start/stop recording...creating Tapes for his Friends and Exposure on Events they had in childhood.In Deep Love with HipHop since beginning of the Ninetees doing Beats + some Rappin...including cutting Vinyl and Beats on Amiga and Atari from around ́92 ...the Producer was born! Graffiti, Breakin, Beatboxin...The good Ol ́days, it was a time the German HipHop-Scene he had public attention and his Band had the chance to play gigs gaining Live- Experience.... The Combo finally split and he quit making Music actively for a very long Time... Meanwhile ....living his Life, experiencing the Club- Scene from around ́94 his musical Sight grew to a wide Bandwidt h in many elect ronical St yles wit h it s own each Karma letting Sounds flow constantly... after Years of Joy that ended in bad Struggle and finally losing everything with the Focus to get a NEW LIFE again it was his Passion that made a musical Rebirth possible, he was leaving the Fog in 2011 to come up with his first Productions in Electronica and Releases following to finally deep diving into Sounds diggin for HIS Truth!So far again...SLOBOTIK has not broken any records in releasing or public appearance, but he was always dying for the perfect Waveform so far! Focusing on the AWESOME Beats in a " technics and style" sense he is respected by the underground community and also because he ́s just an ordinary Dude ;-)