- Poze


In 2009 youngsters Nelis van Steenoven and Bas van Essen teamed up with the need to produce some new and fresh house music. Both having a different background in music made it for these two friends interesting from the start. With combining the best of both worlds they created their own unique sound and Poze was born.Things worked fine from the start and the first Poze releases were played on the “Defected” and “BBC1” radio shows. By getting their first recognition, Poze got not only the drive to produce more tracks but also to dig deeper and keep developing their sound onto warm and deep techno and house.In 2012 things got better quite fast for Poze when Joris Voorn’s label “Rejected” released their remix of Ruben de Ronde’s track called “Stoer”. T his remix was featured on several compilations and reached the “Beatport Tech House top 10”. Joris Voorn did it even call one of his secret weapons .For Poze 2013 will be all about producing some new masterpieces, remixes and doing collaborations. Fabio Neural (ViVa music/Intec etc.) noticed Poze during summer and together they started to work on several tracks. Their collaboration resulted in the “Molivas EP”, which is on “Intacto".