- Comuno


There is not much to tell about the 20-year-old producer from Berlin:Germany besides his love in house music.Influenced by the urban movement of electronic music’s most wanted city he focuses on all kinds of musical impressions alongside spending long nights in the clubs of Berlin Kreuzberg.Locked up in his studio, intensively working on rasping basslines and dirty synths the young kid is rapidly shaping up for the electronic music scene.2016 - Comuno came up with his first releases and introduce himself with dancefloor- ready rhythms and powerful melodic club tracks.Instantly being noticed and supported by big artists all over the world his far-reaching appeal has seen him complete a very own Brazil Promotion Tour delivering a insight into the future of house music.Driven by innate passion he dives deep into improving his sound to deliver the optimum of quality for house-lovers lost in superficial electronic quantity.