- Dimitri Monev


In his all life Dimitri Monev was surrounded by music. In early age he quickly understood that music will take a special place in his life. The first steps in his career started in 2004 when he bought his first professional equipment.After he starts practicing and increasing knowledge about music, after few years he had decided to become professional. Just for a couple of years his popularity start growing very fast. Dimitri Monev started to produce music in 2008 and after couple years of practice he finally opened up a great new world and introduced himself into new dimensions where he could express all his ideas and feelings. The only thing he wants is to give his auditory the opportunity to listen high quality electronic music and to make them feel and understand it in different way. Day and night Dimitri Monev gives all of his energy for the idea of creating music and make people feel it and love it. T his brings early success for Dimitri when he released his second EP (Casper) on Berlin based label Waldliebe Familien, which was supported from Richie Hawtin, Fabrizio Maurizi, Steve Lawler and many more. Soon after followed releases for his label Alboratory (Tittle-Tattle EP) and he also has accepted from Natural Rhythm (Berlin), Reload (Italy) and Expentancy Recordings (Italy). His remix from the original track"Bochica" (Quanticman Recordings) was played by Marco Carola and Someone Else. Nowadays Dimitri Monev had been played in almost every big club in Bulgaria. He is supported by many world famous producers and DJ's. Influenced much by the deep dark beats of old school hip- hop, today you can hear in his tracks and sets from deep tech house to groovy dub techno always in progression. Lately he being more committed to studio time and worked hard on his projects, which some of them already contracted for labels as Innocent Music, Southpark Records, Pins & Needles, Konzentrisch Music, Kosmophono, Act Natural, Draft, Natural Beat Draft and more.