- Spec X


Timm E. born 28.10.1985, near Stuttgart Germany, the city that often is called Benztown, home of the famous Mercedes Benz Company.Growing up with the influences of music by playing different instruments, Timm bought his first turntables with the age of 14 and started to DJ.First he used the Name “Spectra“ and you will laugh: this was also the name of his Skateboard trucks.A few years later while building up his new studio he changed “Spectra“ to “Spec.“ and started to produce electronic music.Spec. really can say he spend his entire life in clubs as he always love to dj and works as club promoter at the same time.On his production you may hear his hip hop roots and the „dope“ stamp to bring the “dope electronic music“ character what is really important for him. Timm is also know for his Label „Infamous Tracks“ and a booker/promoter for Club ToY in Stuttgart Germany.