- Himade


Maxim Kotsarev - Born in Switzerland/Zurich, based in Moscow/Russia, 24 years old DJ and sound producer.In age 21 he became a resident DJ of the infamous Moscow nightlife institution MONO and shared the decks with many top artists. Then Himade booker and started to make his on parties.Each year he develops more and more revealing himself from different sides whether trying himself in new styles playing live or producing music. He doesn't adhere to one and only genre. Himade is sure - Music is a state of soul and this state can be changeable. His first EP was released on Ukranian record label Dear Deer. It gave him a big motivation to give a birth for a new EP on a Spanish label Red Drum Music. Year 2018 became one of the main in Himade's career. New track of him was signed on a famous Swiss label Definition: Music and whereupon Himade was invited to play as a headliner in on of the best Swiss and European night clubs - Hive on Definition: Music Label night. Making a splash on the Swiss audience returned Himade back to Hive already after 3 month. His name was written on a poster like one the most forthcoming artists on a par with &ME, Kobosil, Moonwalk, Atish and many more. Max is not planning to stop, more and more new music is coming in a first part of year 2019 and he's sure that the best is yet to come.