- Nils Nuernberg


"Nils Nuernberg is a bright and talented production nerd and DJ hailing from Hamburg, North Germany. In little over 2 years, this charismatic, all-round music lover and record collector has quickly built a name for himself as well as for his very successful producer and DJ constellations Kruse & Nuernberg and Gruber & Nuernberg. With his straight forward, modern approach to house music his productions are strictly aimed at the dance floor. Nils' sound usually flirts between percussive, organic and classic house elements, encapsulated by smooth, room filling chord stabs and essential, perfect bouncing grooves. This boy has already begun to make his mark on this blossoming scene; proof that he really means business! He's obsessed with expressing his love for this inspiring music form and with an expanding DJ schedule that will see him performing across Europe, a new studio in Hamburg that he's running with his buddy Florian Kruse, a mile long waiting list for tracks and remixes, this guy has absolutely no reason to slow down."