- Homework


It’s fair to say that Homework, the duo born and raised in Amsterdam’s widely revered and suavely snobby record store Concerto, have gone through an uncanny blossoming in the last two years. After their ‘underground hit’ Fissa Tune, on the Berlin-based Exploited label, the gentlemen pricked up the ears of Made To Play head honcho Jesse Rose, who quickly signed them for an EP, Trumpet Express EP, on his well known imprint. But as the tastes of the duo seem in a natural yet constant flux, varying from deep house to grooves rooted more in NYC and Chicago infused nostalgia, their following EP, Hudson Square EP (Exploited), saw the duo treading on new musical territory and not without succes. With each release Homework seems to be more and more finding their very own place within the house music stratosphere. Nowadays the two gentlemen are played by and play with the crème de la crème of the international electronic music scene, f.i. Soul Clap, Axel Boman, Oliver $, Jimpster and Derrick Carter. With a steady flow of releases erupting from their studio – Rally Racquet Club EP (Made To Play); Hudson Square Remix EP (Exploited); “The Street” (Snatch!) – and a globetrotter’s touring schedule – from Berlin’s Panoramabar to Social Club in Paris – a bright future seems to shaping up for the two cosmopolitans.