- Karasho


Not quite homeless and not quite a gypsy, karasho is amysterious tale in which music meets the wild. Raised in theunderground, we know animals were involved but definitelynot wolves. Somewhere along the way he tripped and fellinto a tangle of wires and a retro analog synthesizer. T hisclumsy mistake was instantly supported by every single Djon the top 100 and was the root cause of the Los Angelesriots in the early 90s. Since then karasho engineered thebrown note, held the first whale rave while headlining thelost city of Atlantis, and bounced sound waves off of thenearby galaxy Andromeda all while on a weekend holiday inthe Andes. Of course none of this can be credited due to thefact his birth certificate was lost at sea while in anunfortunate encounter with Caribbean pirates. Essentially onpaper karasho does not exist. His only known marks aresignature deep bass groans recognized by three hundredspecies across the globe. T here is no way to predict hisnext move or what cave he might crawl out of next. T he onlyway to describe karasho is wanderer forever.