Key Commands
 - Pablo Bolivar


He has got more than a decade of experience in which he achieves the world respect thanks to his essential works like "Anjanas" (Regular 2006), "Recall" (Regular 2009), "Motion" (Avantroots 2010) and "Must"(Avantroots 2013), an instant classic of the electronic music, elegance and good taste. In 2008 together with his mate Sergio Sainz they create "Pulshar", a project full of sensuality and synthetic soul music. In 2009 they made another big step, they create "Avantroots Records", a platform presentation with which they wish to let their passion for music, a concept that encloses vanguard and tradition, with the only premise of emotion and quality. And in 2014 he create "Seven Villas" his personal project specially created to publish music that match his definition of "Musica para Estar". Pablo was born to create music, always with an attitude, always with quality as a standard.