- Miss Vim


All her life long noticed the Aprilsjoke, that music is a big part in their lives play. Im early age of 6 years she starts to learn melodica. Thus, the talent was given to play keyboard instruments. Through various experiments, such as the accordion or flute playing, she has led ultimately to the wind keyboard / piano. In addition to experience with instruments Miss Vim also has experience in singing. With Dan Chi she know you got a different kind of music and love. So it was not long in coming, that they wanted themselves to the platter. Since then, it is difficult to dislodge them from it. MISS VIM is now an integral part of the Artist pool of Synonym Records.


Sami Sivananda, Deep Azur, Footprints on the Moon, Curtis Daniels, Max Gabani, J. Paes, Kometenschweif, Compassion Family, Shympulz, Double Deep, Aved, Miss Vim, Dopa Amin, Massivan, D&J Polimeno, Universallifeenergy, Superpunx & Hotdogs, Secret Ibiza, Aaron The Baron, Sanne Gutt, Mykel Mars, Chillelektro, Ted Peters, Gianni de Santis, Dshyll, SÆMON, Paranerd, Damiandebass, André Schlüter, Räubermukke, Bildertal, Alex Naevecke, Flacoustics, Roberto Fenu, 2tone Tom, Max Sowento, Roni Iron, Tom Appl, Vertical M, Fred Fat, Fritzbeat, Svendaq, Maksim Biserov, Dormidontov, La Pin, Frank Kramer, Stefan Reh, Lamliki, Bertram Geck, After Sunrise, Jan Moehlenkamp, Slavian, Der Dienstleister, Thesan Project, Amf, Blue Drift, Popy Zeddil, Maremare, Beatgridded, Aba Abas, Boring Sax, Zero Feedback, Makia Blue, B.Infinite, Chris Cowley, LPA City, Starbud, Marky V-lectro, Chrizz Morisson, Latisha Van Simon, Meomee, Axcel Lence, Lorenzo Benedettini, Syno Live, The Atmosphera, Lara, Morris Jones, Kim Greene, Spurious, Ron Ractive, Redde Rationem, Duplicity, Sabisski, Fre3 Fly, Addie, Spiritual Soul, Max Zierke, Chillout Lounge Ibiza, House Boss, D. A. S., Djmlbeatz, This Bionemis, Clever & Durchtrieben, Primo Lopez, The Chillseekers, Ghedzo, Lola Saint, Ripley & Jenson, Jonathan Wagner, Vunkt, Armand Van Henegouwen, Alex Nöthlich, Oscar Bardelli, Krizoo, Bahia de Roses, Cane Garden Quartet, A Club Tunes, Sombreros del Sol, Musikbude, Back To 141, DJ Riquo, FL Acid, Corosun, Bernd Loorbach, Downstair Project, Aleks Turtle, El Ninjo, Aron Gutt, Jazzy Nova, Deep Joke, Lime and Shine, Lazypojke, Funkshiner, Uprising Alchemy, Mephia, Yekuro Losho, Oscar Stringz, ByondIndia, DJ Umbi, Vega, TbO, Stefan Reh, Torre Del Lago, Wolfgang Breuer, Remundo, Neo Lectro, John Skyfield, Saxo Mike, Ian Turner, Dan Chi, Scot & Millfield, Ezio Centanni
Chilling Grooves Music | 2018-07-13