- DJ Emho


DJ eMHO! Maciej Hojda real name, was born in 1973 in Poland, Cracow. The first contact with music in elementary school where he had taught compulsorily flute. In elementary school also organized and discos where he portrayed the role of dj. Fascinated by electronic music artists such as ATB, Alice dee jaay, Robert Miles, GiGi Augustino and others began to learn to play the keyboards, composing simple melodies experimenting with this joy, and we will treat it as a hobby classes. In 2006, he moved with his family and two daughters to Birmingham in the UK. At the end of 2011 years took note of the first time the program FL10 where he decided to give up his passion, the effect of the decision in 2012 by the cooperatively with the company Musicvertrebs Dance All Day GmbH (FEIYR. COM) issued a digital version two maxi singles, LUNAR DUST "and" JOY OF LIFE "and prepared the material for the first full-length album," EVERYBODY CAN DANCE WITH DJ EMHO "whose release is planned for January 2013 , emho dj songs can be found in compilations such as: ,, GLOBAL TRANCE MUSIC "-U.M.A Music Awards '' Miami Club Charts Vol 3'' - Electro Babes "UK Hardtechno Undergrands vol 5"-Technoforza "Pure Electro House Legacy" - House Place Records ,, HITS "Digital Infractive in 2012, also created their first remixes of tracks: ,, TROUBLE "Leona Lewis I, YOUR BODY" Christina Aguilera


150 Best of Drum & Bass Tracks 2017
re:loom, Emmiel, Stan-X, Cubic Nomad, Emma Susanne, Politis, Tomz, Jack The Ripper, Gourski, Concylium, Vudun, Raven, Phoenix Beatz, Ron Ractive, 7 Electronics, Ben Quarman, Mojo Pin, Nightfang, Noisequake, Funky House Brothers, Farewell, Ephyum, Mr Lite, Deimos, Kaizzah, Paranoid Movement, Fluter, Degreezero, Tim Timido, Fobee, DJ Emho, Roberto Conforto, Bienoise, Beatwarrior, Nepreno, Mindless, Heimkind, Okkupied, Thud, Toolfunky, Frank Kramer, Melisma Ryan, Brain Rock, Phorsicht, Ghedzo, Hnzzn, 4you, Wallber Pinheiro, Junglist, Niko, A Scar in My Mind, Serpicon3, Jonkay, J-damm, Tofustaggerbush, Kinetic Zone, Bez Yorke, SD-Theory, Clang of Beats, Daisy, Shockmount, Kolinsky Konspiracy, New Electronic Order, Dr. Kranck, Endless Fountain of Dubstep, Control Change, Skillshuut, Nastyz, Neurosplit, Antima, The Lost Soundsystem, DJ Pure UK, Karl-Heinz Wunderbier, Phate, DJ Ruffian, MDR, Yoetc, The e-vokkz, Christian Belt, Arrhythmia, Sapotex, Syntheticsax, Timh, Kortex, Fireonblack, Feyzal, Manuel Galey, Lara Taylor, Nute, The Unlord, Seiichiro Tanaka, Djxx, Frame, Toast, 4 Runazz, Ranoized, Gimbal, Sinan, Firnwald, Kit Curse, Bobby, Ralf Velasquez, Xplasm, Basslancer, Alphaze, The Prophet, Nivanoise, Da Artizt, Cushijazz, Filibration, Mellow Sonic, Shivaxi, Eyesman, Diztort, Kayowa, Kai Acid, The Fool Lovers, Rudi Treiber, Arlow, Sam Evil, Tanya G, Aka Boo, Gemeni, Trillogee, TAW, Fr33m4n, ESS, Drum Skin Destroyer, Drib, Chris Galmon, Andy Ztoned, Joseph Christopher, Fervora, Jungle Justice, Dario Synth, Chess, Matt3w & Sideone, Airy Fizz, Ghoar, Maza, RobX, Bacila, M.A.D., Babe Ruth, Quba, Systeam, Local Heroes, ORBiTE, Intrinzic, CJ Masou, Mightiness, Leonardo Da Vinyl, Alcatrapz, Fr33m4n, Tobi, Gedankenrasen, Ommax, VTK, Istota, Mashok, The Virgin Dolls, Paleface, Happy Gangsters, Teffa, Aleksandar Stanic, Lovetwisted, G Tron, Psyek
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