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 - Tommy Pulse


While the establishment governs the dance scene of yesterday, the present and the future is definitely in the hands of Bas Tichelaar (1978), also known as the Dutch producer and DJ Tommy Pulse. As different alter ego’s like Virus, R.B.A., Medicine Men, Lazy Jones, Headz Up, Stone Cold and several other names he is releasing records for several years now and every single one of them is creating an impact like a sledgehammer blow. The mere foundations of clubs worldwide suffered from the heavy bass and energy that are enclosed in his striking productions. As a fervent partygoer he knows what pleases the public. In 1995, the Amsterdam born is just seventeen when his first Hardcore record is released by ID&T. It gets mayor airtime and soon two releases followed on the Masters of Hardcore label. After a while Tommy Pulse's musical taste makes a shift and he fires up the R.B.A. project and releases several R.B.A.-recordings with the recordcompany Purple Eye Entertainment. A video clip was shot with his first cd-single ‘No Alternative’ and it provides him with several important performances all over Europe. Tommy Pulse has performed alongside artists like Anastacia, Abba Teens and many others. The track hits every single hitchart and even reaches the billboards in the USA. The song is also very popular in Holland and besides performing with the act R.B.A. he plays live as the hardcore act ‘Virus’ at gigantic parties like Thunderdome, Hellraiser and Speedrazor. Tichelaar is not only active in the Hardcore scene. He keeps himself busy with several other projects. He comes into contact again with Ferry Corstens’ recordcompany Purple Eye Entertainment and delivers several records as producer and remixer. In addition he works as a producer and remixer for Warner Music and Q-Dance and he co-produces for DJ Astrid. In 2002 he starts a new harddance label called Stealth Industries. In 2003 the 3rd release on this label (Land of the Lost) was released among tracks of artists like Dana, Luna, Don Diablo, G&M Project and Marcel Woods on Sensations’ Black Edition cd. And if that’s not enough, he started a company (TP-Works) in which he creates and develops softsynth plugins for use with software sequencers, like for example Cubase. In the mean time Tichelaar almost lost count on behalf of the huge flow of releases. As a producer and remixer he earned his merits in the Hardcore scene at a very young age, nowadays he is a huge asset for the dance scene. He plans to be the same asset as a DJ. To boost up his career and to let the public know who he is, he will release upcoming records almost exclusively as Tommy Pulse and he will freeze the rest of his alter ego’s for a while. The credo of Tommy Pulse is: “Attract attention by following my heart in music. When I stand behind my own work I will earn respect and appreciation.”


Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems, Vol. 2
TrancEye, Fischer & Miethig, Cryostasis, Rene Ablaze, Jam Da Bass, tranzLift, Dima Krasnik, Steve Raw, The Pulsarix, Wemms Project, Artra & Holland, Cerera, DJ T.H., Andy Elliass, Laucco, Ian Buff, Aeden, Infite, T Forces, Bardalimov, Javah, Xan, Sublunar Project, Kamil Esten, O.B.M Notion, Mhammed El Alami, Stellarium, Alexander Xendzov, Julie-Anne Melfi, Danny Claire, Sync Diversity, Juliet Lyons, Raham Hagh Gooyan, Frank Dattilo, Arctic Motion, Mostfa & Mostfa, Damian Wasse, Enfortro, Ivan Zupan, Jack Noise, Shuhrat Iskanderov, Thomas Petersen, Sarah Brightman, Tommy Pulse, Air Diver, Jonny Craig, Tranc Eye, John Waver, I5land, Truenorth, Distort Guyz, Warmduscher, Dj Tom-x, X-Cess, Bassrockerz, Elena, Matt Pincer, Martin Graff, Martin Soundriver, PROYAL, Amen B, Ross Rayer, 7 Baltic, Wojciech Kania, Ula, Unix SL, Adam Navel, Simon O'Shine, Andy Bianchini, Avenger, Blue Tente, Oceanic, Vlad Gee, Alpha Force, Dereck Recay, Jirka Stofcik, Kubo Satnik, ViDs, Black Pulsar, Blue Dolphin, Waas Van Siem, Mindsoundscapes, Talla 2xlc, Simon O'Shine, Gelardi, Wellenrausch, Touchstone, 4 Strings, Arctic Moon, Wemms Project, The Enlightment, O.B.M Notion, TrancEye, Six Senses, Make One, Gowood, Dj Holocaust, Matt Pincer, Arctic Motion, Ernest Miller, Fedde van Diemen, Empyre One, DJ Gollum, Raindropz!, Snoww, Myde, Steve Allan, Another World, Veselin Tasev, Nurettin Colak, Faruk Sabanci, Mike Semtex, DJ Brush, Darren Tech
Keejay Records | 2015-05-01
Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems
Fallen Skies, Pluton, Wellenrausch, Irena Love, Southern Fraiz, tranzLift, Rewolution, Aeden, Faruk Sabanci, Evelio, Cryostasis, Rene Ablaze, DJ T.H., Mosahar, Dereck Recay, Haris C, Digitalis, Simon O'Shine, Sergey Nevone, Ikerya Project, Dreamy, Simon Pitt, DJ Sakin, Mike & Smith, Milo.NL, CJ Stone, Lizzy Pattinson, State MX, Juo, Brisby & Jingles, Danstyle, Bensk, Sunset Dream Inc., Weimar, SoundLift, Blue Silence, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Speakerguyz, Tommy Pulse, Janina Faith, Dan Van Eijk, Marc Reason, F8th, X Factor, Wemms Project, Sadisfiction, Grand K., Lord Of Bass, Air Diver, One Species, Mark Bester, Ivan Ice-Berg, DK Project, Shawn Cartwright, Handsup Playerz, Sascha Dolliver, Manual Section, Alchemist Project, Carrie Mandalay, DJ Fuchur, DJ Karko, Iain Cross, DJ Cyglas, Ian Buff, Milad Eynizadeh, F.B. Alex, John Waver, Johan Ekman, Truenorth, Tiifa, Drivium, Chrissi, DJ Thera, Mark E.g., Alexey Ryasnyansky, Frank Dattilo, Marcel de Van, Dima Krasnik, Dmitry Strochenko, DJ Gard, Kukuzenko, Al Jet, Matt Mancid, Rename, Senia, Blue Shift, Deep.Spirit, Kathy, Sapphire, DJ Delude, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Simon O'shine, Suncatcher, Ronski, Fallen Skies, 4 Strings, Outer Space, C-NRG, Dezybill, Sven E, DJ Spaceraven, Illitheas, Shock Force, Djane Lexy-sa, D-Tune, D M E Project, Pluton & Turn, Mike Van Fabio, Dima Krasnik, Trance-Forces, Techno Punks, Oceanic, SoundLift, Ian Buff, Fedde van Diemen, Flatlex, K.traxx, Dirkie Coetzee, Frank Waanders, Christian Zechner, Rene Ablaze, Manox, DJ Ex-One
Keejay Records | 2014-09-12
200 Tracks for Workout, Aerobics and Fitness 2013
Cengiz Arslan, Chris Galmon, Kris Randval, Mykel Mars, Karim Haas, Luis Ponce, Abel The Kid, DJ Gard, Intelligent Headz, Taymar, Sebastian Ledher, Gerardo Varela, Rober Puentes, Aren Suarez, Tosch, Unbloomed, David's, T.m.-joy, Stephanie O Hara, Chechu Garcia, Dani Bosco, Valium, Chris Rockford, DJ CrEdo, The Phat Mack, Tranceless D., Chris Prime, Nogales, Matthew Tasa, Nadir Tanz, Prolosapien, Lexxxi, Department Orange, Sarah Göthling, Neon, DJ Sanny J, Ice M C, Jay Outback, Ron Ravolta, Angel, Simon Sim's, Aerotrancer, Avrito, Giselle, Dj Housediver, Tiger Rose, Maurizio Inzaghi, Damon Paul, Walter Native, Jay Jacob, The Island, Ciab, Aska, Bozznac, Jack Jamming, Avalona, Los Tiburones, Miss Caramelle, Amen B, Piet Norman, Frederie, Mike Rules, Dancebeat, Nitefall, The Voyager Project, Dominik Kenngott, Deep West, Rino Sailis, Dibmo, Zoraidare, Cassian, Andy R., Domino Grey, Badboy, DJ Remo, Jan Diego, Flowtaxx, Stephanie O'hara, Ktk, Dee Costa, Eduardo Martins, Eedee, Patricia Banks, Masarcar, Lightyear, Balearic Kings, Mauro Panello, Alex Greed, Sile, Bengro Garcia, Audiodish, Bantunani, Virna Nova, Bobby Escobar, Deemax, Projekt Phönix, Sound Access, Basspolice, B.g. Baarregaard, Briem, Bonsugi, Global Disco Rockerz, Carlos Chavez, MikeE, Klizia, Imperfectos, Vincit, Veritas, Baarregaard, Little Joe Bassman, Candy Rose, Eric Van Basten, The Clubsharers, Trollhaus, Igor Garnier, Syntheticsax, Magnetics, Doc D, Ernst, Bengt, Ronny Dee, Grondzo, Mister Mike, Stevee Gee, Mind Strong, K.b. Caps, Run & Way, Steve Zerbysound, Bunty, Dyio Red, Sundi, Ramona, Tertius, Rashni, Cazintel, Gabriel Delgado, M.s.j, Dr. Bass, J & V, Synthimental Music, Illy, Maximilian Tux, Feelson, Dalo, Amarante, Festina Lente, Free 2 Night, Flow, Shilton, Dj Jfk, Mike McPower, Marek Bilinski, Dennis D.cube, E-Teb, Josephine Lee, Trip2 Universe, Cj Molotov, Frankvar, Giada, Andersoon DJ, Atomic Worx, Dj - Skorpy, Ask, Marcus Brody, Acting Lovers, Gizmou, Deep Spirit, Sunrise Electro, Floor Action, DJ Matt, Mr. Trust, Red 5, Myself Is Dead, DJ Rosso, Jazzyst, Moment 4 Sound, Oldschool Boys, Mkh, Air Diver, Infected Fay, Cut N Glue, System B, Grand K., Dj Deanco, Bent Killer, DJ Torny, Giacomo Quentin, Amoda, Christina, L4M, B. Bone, A.i.c.x., Lyane Leigh, Excessive Clubbers, Aurum Basement, Dj Jannyz, Tommy Pulse, Project Acidos, Sam Wild, F. B. Alex, DJ Emho, Speakerguyz, Droid, Edwin Ka, Pulse Nation Project, Magnam Gloriam, Dave Gate, X-Stylez, Two-m, Synergy, Kris Randval, Sojo Van Dessa, John Done, Rick Lee, Miss Groove, Aerotrancer, Polarbear, David G., Frozen Skies, Danny Noise, Mute Box, System B, Andy Grape, Eric Liam, Mauro Panello, Backside Artists, La Serenissima, Klubjumpers, Subficial, Grigorio Plus, DJ Cargo, Kitar, Karim Haas, Danny Ciccone, Dave Dee!, Dave Gate, Den Haan, Checksums, Rocky7, Wavepuntcher, NRG, DJ Store, Damon Paul, Infected Fay, Shock Force, Drowned In Trance, Jrz
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