- Science Vs Nature


Science Vs Nature (SVN) is an electronic band showcasing live performances. Their objective is to make live electronica something that is increasingly accepted and respected. A spectacle of lights, buttons, and blinding talent, SVN will not be forgotten. SCIENCE From an early age, Christian Aydt found a true calling in electronica. Listening and learning, he acquired his first synthesizer at the age of 14. 17 years later, Christian lead the foundation of SVN in the direction he always dreamed. Regular 15 hour studio sessions and a strong foundation in musicology have allowed him to repeatedly push envelopes within the work that is the basis for SVN. VERSES In the past, Science Vs Nature has worked with Analia Lyon, Jason Walker, and Analia Garcia, just to name a few. For every artist we showcase, this is where we place them: front, center, and in-between Science and Nature. It is here that ego disappears, competition dissolves, and the love of music is versed. NATURE Kiley Thompson (a.k.a DJ Usul) spent ten years behind the 1's and 2's, with venues under his belt like Twilo and Ministry of Sound. One can never be sure which state Mr. Thompson is paying a visit to when you speak with him. Typically, it is a state closer to Zen than any other. Kiley's sense of rhythm and groove is unmatched. Ironic as it may seem, "Nature" seems to have a bionic cerebrum.