- Johan Korg


Johan Korg was born in July 1984 in Strasbourg (France). He discovered the electronic music in the 2000’s and especially the hard dance music. After eight years in Hardstyle under the alias DJ Nighthunter, he felt in love with Progressive House and Trance music. For him, this styles are a better way to spread the emotion of the music and allow a bigger artistic expression. In the begin of 2011, he decided to concentrate his efforts on the production with ambitious projects like “Massive”, “Touch The Sky” featuring Damien Malizza and “Icarus”, with Mathieu Daubry. This last one was successful, and many important deejays played it in theirs sets. In December, Johan Korg created his own podcast “Flight Music” on universpodcast.com with Damien Malizza. It reached the 7th rank in the TOP 10 in only one month. This weekly podcast symbolize the diversity and the novelty. 2012 will be a very action-packed year, because of many new tracks and featuring with famous si ngers are coming. Johan Korg an artist to follow.