- Pasqalue


Pasqalue, known as Illia Roschenko, - fast- paced sound producer, from a small town the Belaya Tserkov that near Kiev (Ukraine). In just six months, Pasqalue has achieved very good results!He began his career in early 2011, less than a month later, his debut release robots publishes British label "Fur Tree Recordings". He then signed contracts with labels such as : "Italo Business", "N.O.I.A." and "Retorica Recordings". Particularly successful was the release on "N.O.I.A.", track "Duck" released on this label ,was supported by many well-known DJs, and has been included in Beat port a chart of Dandi & Ugo , Piat t o.Ahead of him you can only expect the most current music, which corresponds to the most fashionable trends in the music market!