- Roberto Martin


Roberto Martin began his career professionally in the music world when he was 25, prior to that devoted his time to study the business environment of companies studying the Diploma of the University Complutense .. After his studies he continued to study in sound environment and technology in the world of DJ and music producer, thoroughly studying various programs and plugins orientates to the musical environment. Thus grew his musical creativity and began learning to play the flamenco cajón and of course all kinds of drum machines and control interface of various brands and models. All this always match their daily work, specializing in radio, as were his four years pass from the radio Onda Cero radio and europe .. fm radio this adventure after one of its aspects oriented music in the setting of retail establishments MusicMatic in the company. Best of all is the passion with which this artist develops its media delivery with the total technological edge to match any artist of the highest level. Focusing all of your music with a groove tech-house styles and flirting with techno, house, the deep, minimal .. and of course the hard drive full of samples folk, soul, latin and more. Not to mention his career in music production since November 2010, publishing issues as stamps and Müde Night & Recordings. Born in Madrid passing through the clubs and more famososo vanguardist of capital have left the public indifferent to them. Salas like Heineken, Club7, Moma, Buddha and many more and taking of our national musical borders to paths such as Luxembourg (The Point, Double Deuce) and Portugal (Cascais * Coconut). His passion .. it takes 24 hours' day, 7 days a week is fully fit. Autoinstructed recently specialized in music in electronic music artists makes it ready to offer more sessions sexy, funny with feeling and worldwide underground scene.


Tech-house Sessions
Roberto Martin, Maria Edesse, Rekardo Rivalo, Ellison Highgate, Mike Laveaux, Kenny Cage, Kyzen, Michael Strauss, Shania, 3 Colours Of White, Sante, Steve Urbaniac, Stefan Trummer, Roberto De Haro, Virility Ex, Pozitive, Joy Kitikonti, Bimas Jr, Mario Piu, Isabelle, Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich, Forexample, Paul Hamilton, Quardo Rossi, Rob Pearson, Berny Medina, Mr Fabio, Alex, Frankie Bit, Gebrueder Grimm, Mariotron, Martin Selle, The Bunglers, No Text, Brunno Santos, Matthew Gold, Anton X, Victor Del Guio, Lorenzo Navarro, Oneiione, Starbud, Shawn Watson, Pascal Prosper, Dietrich, Strolch, Hells Kitchen, Dustin Mccoi, Klangrausch, Amy Capilari, Spagnu, Cert-8, Dominik Schwarz, Klara Klang, Sanderson Dear, Kozi Komatsu, Miss Vim, Daniel Trüb Schallrauch, Andre Sunrise, R F C L, Simply Vibes, Marco P, Techno Farben, Josh Leem, Clark Davis, Deaf Audio Circus, Jaded Kid, Stephen Macias, Mittel Zum Zweck, Tonkombinat, Nogami, Karl Simon, Nikkolas Research, Electrorites, Duzenschmied, Feydh Rotan, Criztalin, Madrem, Michael Lambart, Pasqalue, Johann Stone, Jens Mueller, Vettel, Bryant Autrey, Indrid Kold, Onassis, Frau Anke, Michael Kruck, Christian Michael, Abdulselam Akdemir, PHM, Falke, Vogelbein, Pierre Deutschmann, Smophor, D-Becker, Kristoff Georg, Bayleigh, Urgana, Vibreen, Atze Päng, Analog Tone, Sergey Estek, Radunz & Leitner, Marco DJ Red, Lauren Benavente, Sequence Swiss, Vickyproduction, El Mariachi, Alex Dolby, Arts, Leni, Lorenzo Navarro, Chube.Ka, Philip Jo, Freaky Disco, Lauren Benavente, Ingo Boss, Pako C, PMX Soundz, Luca M, Marc Fernandez, Patrick Arbez, Sebastien Legz, Dan Chi, Default Disruptor, Sub Bartez, Alan Mitei, Roy Rosenfeld, M_ray, Andre Kronert, Ron Flatter, Strichkot, Damolh33, Akadawa, Pasquale Maassen, Morgan Tomas, Stefano Infusino, Perception Of Sound, Madrem, Dominik Vogel, Paul D Lewis, Tomika, Analog Tone, Ron Ractive
Bavaria Recordings | 2012-01-20