- Shi Buka


SHI BUKA (Swen Hutmacher) / / has remained true to his sound, always on the fast lane creative, anything drawer thinking. Whether minimal techno, tech-house or techno simply, everything has shaped him and you can feel that constantly surrounds him the passion for electronic music on the occurrence and producing. Shi Buka's heart and soul DJ / producer and his trademark include Sets with tension, which provide an extraordinary atmosphere, which keeps the dancing crowd in the river. Its clear mixing and its individual Setaufbau his reputation continues to grow. He proudly looks back on numerous releases. As a producer, he has regularly releases at the start, are also listed in several DJ and sales charts. Shi Buka released on the label 040 Recordings, Electronic District Berlin, VooDoo Rec, Diva Rec, Rec Zweisam Berlin, diametral Ltd.. and others. Since 2009, his tracks a good support of international and national DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Toni Rios, Slam, Dubfire, Franco Bianco, Toni Rios, Paco Osuna, Mike Väth, Patrick Lindsey, Roland M. Dill, Ondrej delight , Tim Green, Nadja Lind, Eddie Niguel, Kaiserdisco, Pierre German man, Nihil Young, Alex D'Elia, Fely B., Andre Kronert, Sebastian Roya, Home Base, Half stereo, Franco Bianco, Someone Else, Oscar, Dean Newton. The most recent large, minimal remix bomb of Shi Buka appeared on Diametral Cube. The pseudonym Shi Buka can Swen Hutmacher enough space for its creative, free spirit.